IPhone 8 Review

The first time I tried the iPhone 8 was a late-summer wedding just beyond Austin. It ended up being the perfect way to stress-test the brand new units. The iPhone 8 possesses a new camera that helped on a drunken dance floor. Faster processors made downtime game-playing smoother. They’re also easier to charge, hence you’re less inclined to get trapped with a lifeless phone towards the end of the night.

Everything is just great. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus happen to be nearly perfect phones. For $699 (the iPhone 8) or $799 (the Plus), you get yourself a device which makes calls, plays game, takes pictures, shows videos, gets you all over the place, and better than in the past. Apple set the standard for smartphones ten years ago, and except for the Google Pixel, still does today.

Yet it’s already obsolete. Simply minutes after Apple released these near-perfect types of its original perspective, the company raises the bar. The iPhone X looms large over the 8, with it’s amazing screen extraordinary cameras. Wish to know where smartphones happen to be headed? Consider the iPhone X. The iPhone 8s are most likely just the last, very best release of what your mobile looks like now. Plus they don’t cost $1,000. And for the present time, that’s great news.

In iPhone years, 2017 should’ve been an “S” year, when Apple upgrades the telephone without redesigning or rethinking it. However the iPhone 8 isn’t a 7S. Aside from the normal spec bumps, Apple evolved a number of bigger things, starting with the look. Aluminum (or al-yoo-min-y-yum if you’re Jony Ive) helps to keep the body rigid and the front side keeps it lovely. It could make the iPhone 8 more fragile. Apple says it won’t, my background with glass cell phones says it will – but it will make it classier. Click Here to hear more from an iPhone 8 fan.

Nokia 6

The King of Mobile Is Back!

When Microsoft acquired Nokia two years ago to stop using their iconic brand, finally the king of mobile is back to impress and give everyone a solid comeback!

The first Nokia 6 will only be available in China at $230, while everyone is longing to have one, we just have to wait for it to be available worldwide to experience the solid comeback of Nokia and what makes it so perfect to use. Oddly, I was searching for local catering companies, and I came across the news for this device.

Nokia 6’s Top 6 Features:

  1. It is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 430 processor and 4gb RAM  that brings you powerful battery life. Full day of usage, lessening your worries to plug and charge most of the time.
  2. Nokia 6 promises you to enjoy 16MP back camera and 8MP front camera best for selfies or group photos.
  3. Dual Amplifiers with Dolby Tech to feel the sound deeper, louder and reliable clarity all around you and your friends when enjoying house parties or when you just feel to listen to your favourite songs. Unlike any other mobile phones that guarantee more camera megapixels and yet the phone’s sound is not too impressive, needed to be implied with a speaker before you enjoy it.
  4. It has fingerprint scanner that can also be used as one of your mobile payment options. Leaving you to feel secured at all times, even if you forgot your phone elsewhere no one can touch, open and get access to your online accounts. It’s only you as the owner that can access everything in it.
  5. Nokia 6 Aluminium body comes with 2.5D Gorilla glass making it not too fragile to handle even when you’re in a large crowd.
  6. 5.5 inch screen display for your leisure satisfaction such as watching movies online through your mobile phone or playing high-end games.

The components that were made to Nokia 6 can be compared and be powerful to the following devices:

  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
  • Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime
  • Lenovo K3 Power

The high craftsmanship and materials used in Nokia 6 were also used both in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus way back in 2014. This is by far the first android phone released by Nokia, rest assured that fans are now on the verge on purchasing for themselves but you just have to wait to be available at your country; as it is set exclusively as of now in China. 

Geizer Ice Cooler

The portable ice cooler for everyone

Summer is fast-approaching and everybody is starting to plan out their vacations to cool down the severe hot weather of the year. For the others who do not enjoy outdoor activities and stay out while the sun is up, a new invention is specifically made just right for you.

Installing an air-conditioned inside your home may consume a lot of energy and cost you more than you expected. Likewise while you’re running a business, it has become a mandatory of having an air-conditioned to cool down your place.

Moreover, this kind of invention was made up from dire necessity the same is true with Geizer. Two genius men were able to introduce and produce a more convenient and one-time payment that you can use everywhere you go.

Geizer was launched and considered as the newest portable ice cooling for everyone. It is indeed eco, kids and pet friendly.

Ideal for:

  1. For students who stay up late to study in a dormitory without a proper ventilation. This will keep you comfortable and more comfortable while studying.
  2. For entrepreneurs, such as my friends from Tucson Sealcoating, who are not comfortable with the venue and they’re feeling hot, you just need to turn this on anytime you want and it will be your new best friend for keeping you cool at all times.
  3. For freelancers at home, who seem cannot afford to purchase the real air-conditioned. You really count on every cent, then this is the ideal tool to use.

How To Use It:

Simply insert the cooling element on the box and to turn it on you just have to match the same spot the dots in front of the wooden Geizer box. Make sure the cooling element was frozen at least 5 hours in your freezer to achieve your desire cool temperature when using it.

Geizer’s Advantages To Its Users

  • This portable battery-powered air conditioner can be charge through your laptop, no need to search for another socket in the vicinity.
  • It is made up wood with perfect thermal insulator and metal as its finishing frames
  • This can be used as the alternative to your freezer, keeping your frozen foods as good as new. In return, at least 1% of your electricity consumption per day is lessen.

Geizer is definitely a must-try new gadget to everyone who’s always in a hurry and for those people who want to save more money for their future. There’s no other day to buy it but now.

WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station

Your Friendly Weather Forecast And Assistant

Have you ever tried to conduct a small event at your home with family and friends but it turns out not too successful enough, the way you expected because of the sudden change of the weather?

A team of meteorologists, engineers, data scientists as well as the programmers in Weather Flow Inc. have found the perfect solution for your dilemmas. They launched the Smart Weather Stations to detect weather forecasts and measure the sky and wind.

When measuring the sky, it has the following great features:

  1. Light sensor for ambient light, UV index and solar radiation.
  2. Haptic Rain Sensor to provide you information about the intensity, accumulation and onset rain in your area.
  3. Sonic Wind Sensor to measure continuous wind speed and direction.
  4. This can also detect if there is upcoming rain advisory and detect rain drops in an instant! Real time wind speed and direction.

In terms of measuring air, here are the following things you can expect from the Weather Station:

  1. It has lightning sensor, strikes and distance up to 40km away from your home. This is to advise you whether it is safe to stay out or not.
  2. Equipped with humidity sensor and atmospheric pressure sensor

Impressive Highlights

Smart Weather Station does not only detect rain, thunder and wind within your area it can also do the following tasks for you without even giving commands to it.

  • It will instantly delay your sprinklers at home when raining not to increase your water consumptions and bills.
  • During sunrise, it will automatically turn on your fan for about 15 minutes to remind you to rise up and start doing your work.
  • It turns on the lights at your terrace or in front of your house when it’s already sunset.
  • It automatically closes your garage door if it gets windy.

Weatherflow’s Smart Weather Stations is easy to install, no maintenance required and it can easily connect to your mobile phones and tablet. It will also restore and keep you updated through your devices.

These smart weather stations are perfect also not for your home, but it can do well for hoteliers especially if conducting an event in a specific day and you don’t want to mess it up for the sudden changes of the weather.

Smart Weather Sky device is available at $139 while the Smart Weather Air device will only cost you $99. I paid about that for my tickets to escape rooms AZ last week!

Motiv Ring

Making Everyone Engaged To Fitness

You probably have tried so many health tracking apps and devices that sometimes it’s really inconvenient bringing it with you. There are times that you have to stay fit and healthy by running and you require yourself to bring your heavy mobile phone just to track how many miles have you run, the status of your heart beat and most of all how many pounds you have lost in each time you run in a large field. Even productivity apps that can be found online confirms that there is no use at all when you’re not wearing something that will work 24/7 for you, to stay healthy, motivated and keeping your eyes on the goal.

During the exhibit of CES for 2017, Motiv Ring has won the Best of Innovation for Wearable Technologies.


This will effortlessly track your activities, heart rate and sleep. To the extent that you will be able to check the insights day per day through the Motiv ring. The battery life of Motiv Ring can last up to 5 days and you can wear it any weather conditions simply because, it was made to be waterproof up to 5ATM.

Charger for the motiv ring is as cute as a flash drive and USB magnetic keychain for those who are always on-the-go. You may choose from two available colors either the rose gold or the slate gray.

What Does It Measure?

  • Activity Types
  • Sleep duration as well as your resting heart rate
  • Steps
  • Distance you have made so far
  • Active Heart Rate
  • Calories Burned
  • Active Minutes

The great team behind the success of the Motiv Ring aims to build more product experiences that are totally useful and still beautiful when it’s used. They want to blend the latest trend with your daily grind. My carpet cleaning guy  tried this out on his jobs and was very effective.

As of the moment Motiv Ring is exclusively available for shipping in United States, for international shipping they are still working on it. 

Introducing Runcible

When hardwood and upgradable electronic meets

Having a smartphone with the same structures and models in your country can be boring and you might be thinking that if there could only be other way to improve your usage of it and if you can have another option to use other to make your materials more unique than the others, well your wish is absolutely granted.

Runcible is a palm-sized and powerful smart device created by Aubrey Anderson the Founder and CEO of Monohm perfectly situated in California. It is built by none other than former employees of Apple Company.  A piece of an art and technology combined to be used timelessly. It can be repair, modified by you and upgrade its operational system.

Runcible was featured in several well-known publications such as:

  • CNN
  • Wired
  • TIME
  • Mashable
  • The Verge
  • Fortune
  • Engadget
  • Yahoo
  • The Economist
  • La Provence
  • PCWorld
  • Cnet


  1. It has the capacity of 1GB RAM for memory and 8GB for storage purposed
  2. It also offers rear-facing 7MP camera up to 13MP if you’d wish to.
  3. Wireless and Bluetooth up to 4G/LTE
  4. Vibration when you have notifications or feedback
  5. It supports Bluetooth headsets, optional USB for phone jack
  6. It runs with BuniOs that was actually based on Android 5.1 Linux

Customers are free to choose from different Runcible back designs like Ocean Plastic, Madrone, Black Acacia and Sinker Redwood. One of my clients from best bellingham catering has orders the Ocean Plastic design and it looks fantastic.

What Does The Runcible Can Do For You?

Runcible offers you so many things that a smart phone can also offer but it also has its advantages to the users such as:

  1. Users can make calls using Runcible when you’re in trouble or you just simply want to talk to your loved ones. You can ask directions from it and browse the internet anywhere you go.
  2. Bringing the runcible everywhere you go, there’s no need to bring your mobile phone when in a dinner date with group of friends. This will lessen your time browsing Facebook when in fact, you’re with friends longing to have a long chat with you.
  3. Photography and photo editing through the help of lite.ly
  4. Music playback
  5. Various clocks faces
  6. Star-gazing
  7. Maps and exploration
  8. Time and date management
  9. Telephony

Runcible is available for pre-order basis.


Kuri By Mayfield Robotics

Your personal friendly assistant at home

Watching Big Hero 6 for being too cute and reliable and Wall-E for being responsible for everything makes you wonder if there is such a thing in this world that could bring them in real life. Luckily the new start-up company Mayfield Robotics where its team members are in fact highly-professional worldwide, just made your dreams do come true.

For busy parents, solo parents or just living solo in a flat without someone to talk, play, entertain and keep an eye to your place while you’re out Kuri is the perfect personal and friendly assistant for you.

Kuri;s movement design was actually led by a long-time Pixar animator, plus it features HD camera on its one eye.

Kuri’s Advantages

While some of you are wondering if Kuri is just another typical robot that you can buy elsewhere, you’re wrong. The great minds behind this robot aim to satisfy each and every client who will choose Kuri from the moment they unpack Kuri from the box, the design was made to convince people that “it” also have emotions like you it can make a sound or process any motion, making you believe that it is real.

  1. You can ask Kuri to read stories for your kid before bedtime as well as to play games with them, so your kids will no longer need to ask permission from you if they want to play with someone in the neighbour, since you already have Kuri.
  2. Kuri knows how many rooms do you have at home and who owns each room. Amazing isn’t?
  3. You can listen to your favourite songs through Kuri as it entertains you for as long as you want, due to its audio capabilities.
  4. Kuri listens to everybody in the house, it features a built-in microphone and sound detector that makes it an excellent listener among the rest of the robots that were made in the previous years. It can recognize your voice and responds to your commands. It can send you an alert if there is unwanted and unusual noise at your house.
  5. It can capture photos and videos whereas it is more important to have something looking around at the vicinity while you’re out or sleeping. Plus, Kuri can recognize faces and if there’s someone who’s trying to invade your home, expect instant alert from Kuri.

Kuri is indeed a useful robot both for adults and kids.

Project Valerie By Razer

The World’s First Triple Display Laptop

Gamers, world developers and web designers have been spending too much money on buying monitors and laptop individually, to work simultaneously on their job. Henceforth, Razer one of the best known for producing hard-core gaming accessories has finally come up with the greatest inventions of all time.

Project Valerie is now on the move to bring full satisfaction to its users. It set to amaze its users; this has automated deployment system for the built-in 17.3 inch monitor displays that will pop up in just seconds, without keeping you waiting in vain.

In fact, Project Valerie is packed with immersive 12k surround view gaming with total size of 11520×2160. This will save you a lot of space at home or at work, users will no longer need to buy separate monitors just to keep themselves on track either while working or gaming.

Project Valeria allows you to tackle or work in multiple tasks conveniently and flexibly anywhere you are.


  1. Project Valerie features slim minimalism not to give a hard time for its users when bringing it while traveling elsewhere.
  2. This is the world’s first portable laptop with multiple monitors and high-end 3 built-in monitors.
  3. 3 monitors with 4k display each.
  4. It features Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, absolutely no lagging while playing high-end games.

This laptop is expected to weigh between 10-12 pounds. Meanwhile for interested buyers of Project Valerie, here are the following advantages of GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card:

  • Memory Speed- 8Gbps
  • Standard Memory Configuration- 6GB GDDR5 and 3GB GDDR5
  • Memory Interface Width- 192-bit
  • Memory Bandwidth- 192
  • New Pascal architecture
  • 1607MHZ base clock speed

Most of entrepreneurs and real gamers will eventually be hooked on Razer’s newest and incredible laptop. This will give them the authority to work at their highest level without lagging and corrupt battery. Everything will be worth it once Razer released Project Valerie to the public this 2017. If The Blade Pro cost you between $3,700 and $4,500 expect Project Valerie to be too expensive, higher than Blade Pro.